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TT Car Model Culture


The company founded in 2003 years in May, professional production of various kinds of static simulation



model carmanufacturers,Main products for the automotive model (such as: semi-trailer model, truck model,



car model,military vehicles model, motorcycles model,etc.).have more well-known enterprises at home and



abroad for cars(South heavy truck ,Changan automobile, Chevrolet,Hongkong subway, Borgward,



JIEDA fire truck etc.)manufacturing high simulation model car.




We are set model  research and development, 3 d design, precision molds, precision casting, high precision



finished products production in a body specialized production enterprise.




We produce each model is composed of numerous parts finely crafted, restore the culture and connotation



of the prototype, by model enthusiasts from all walks of life praise and trust.



We with adept skills, honest attitude, stable cooperation relationship with domestic and foreign companies



to achieve long-term cooperation.



             TT Name Origin


【 TT car model 】Car model,Car model manufacturer,  Custom car model,Alloy car model,static simulation model car,odel car model, semi-trailer model, motorcycle model, truck model, military model of the chariot,

TT car model of enterprise story must start with our logo begin talking ,our



logo made up of two "T" word constitute, the word "T" is derived from



shenzhen, China's highest peak "wutong mountain" in a word, so called a



combination "TT"tong tong" is a company name "TT" homophonic, meaning



 we all colleagues of the company be of one heart and one mind mutual



cooperation, Rush to shenzhen on the top of the decision and the target struggle!