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  • Manufacturing process flow of simulation model

    7 steps of the production process of the simulation model

  • 1、product design

    We can help you put the product according to the proportion of high simulation of miniature, 3D design renderings show for your confirmation, we have 3D professional design engineers, with superb technology, accurate data analysis, ingenious structure combination, let you see the prototype model of the future in advance, you can make amendments, we modify for you to the satisfaction of the product, which lays the foundation for further implementation of accurate and efficient.

  • 2、Board production

    We can make you the actual shape of sample for your confirmation, we confirm the 3D drawing using the most advanced laser forming technology, make product appearance model practical for you, let you through the physical appearance model clearly find the questions for you; we modified to the satisfaction. Again lay the foundation for the accurate and efficient implementation of the follow-up products

  • 3、Mould manufacturing

    We can design and manufacture the mold for you, is advantageous to the product early stage design and the later stage implementation perfect connection, causes the product to be highly effective completes. We have rich experience in mold engineer, reasonable optimization of the mold design, you design concepts and ideas in perfect molding reflect, lay a solid foundation for the perfect follow-up products show.

  • 4、Die casting mold

    We can directly die casting parts for you. We have different tonnage zinc alloy die-casting machine, and efficient service to the factory mold trial production and mass production, can improve the security of products

  • 5、Engineering Technology

    We can design a reasonable production technology for you, and make you satisfied. We have experienced process engineers, can be the early design, mold production and processing of the latter part of the organic transformation, making the production of high efficiency in all aspects of the production of customer satisfaction products

  • 6、Surface spraying

    We have professional production equipment and automatic electrostatic spraying PU, UV high temperature baked paint spraying technology professional ability. Sprayed out of the surface of the color of the product is realistic, rich depth, reproduce the true style

  • 7、Finished product assembly

    We have automated production lines for you to complete the clever combination of hundreds of parts, showing the perfect product. Coordination gap 0.5mm± 0.1mm plastic parts fell less than 5%. Smooth surface, clear edges, neat edge, tight matching between components