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Shockproof function for car model

Writer:TTSource:TT Car Model Number of visits: Date:2016-12-31 19:01:41

Shockproof function for car model,This function is generally not familiar with car modelsshould be won't notice,a car model, is to

imitate true car production ofmini car model, Therefore, its function is not complete as true car so, can only say that the appearance 99%

and Movable details 10%.


In order to make the frame and body vibration attenuation rapidly, to improve the car's comfort and comfort, the automobile suspension

system is generally equipped with shock absorbers.a car suspension system with suspension system, spring, oil pressure, air suspension,

rubber, tires, seats, etc. Five parts.Mainly for the automobile suspension system, suspension system is composed of springs and shock

absorbers between the tyre and car body the whole support system.


High simulation model of a car is in this function, becausetong tong modelis mainly to do static simulation model,so this function is not

reflected in the driving state, but we can try to use a hand to hold the chassis, when you let go,model car chassis engine, wheel, etc, can

have a modest rebound up, a bit like the feeling of spring.So repeatedly,you can see Shockproof function for car model


The above information is derived from Shenzhen tongtong model precision manufacturing model limited company (Shenzhen tong tong

process model manufacturing factory),you reading feel suddenly enlightenedif home has a car model can quickly try Oh (but be

sure to simulate the car model will be similar to the toy model is not Oh!)


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