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The significance of farm machinery car model has value

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Agricultural machinery model TT car model is introduced to: agricultural machinery model,is completely in accordance with the real car's


shape, structure, color, even the interior parts strictly scaled down.


Now in China, people never understand agricultural machinery model, to the understanding of agricultural machinery model, to like


agricultural machinery model, then more and more adults to buy it as a collection, car brand shop also to open more and more.The


first model of agricultural machinery in the world, began in 1914, the United States.When it with T "plow machine".In 1920, after 1935, well-


made Germany Louis "VW" and "BMW" and other famous brand, also appeared in the models.


Before world war ii, most models made of iron sheet, the craft is simple, the shape is not realistic.Starting in the 1950 s, making a


breakthrough development of models, materials are increasingly rich, sheet metal, wood, plastic, alloy, etc are used, which is best with alloy


material, multi-purpose alloy made shells of the models and chassis. Work is becoming more and more sophisticated models, has become a


microcosm of the real vehicle completely.


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The significance of farm machinery car model has value