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Pump fire truck model

Writer:TTSource:TT Car Model Number of visits: Date:2017-09-15 16:37:57


Pump fire truck model,Model car manufacturer,diecast model carsToday we continue yesterday's topic, ... fire truck model,


remember some time ago in Beijing's International


Exhibition Center held a 3-day international fire equipment


technology exchange exhibition, this exhibition 3 years,


this year is already The 17th of the. On the day there are


many participating countries and manufacturers, the size


and impact is very large, the technical level is also very


high, is the fire technology exchanges and business talks


international platform. Want to love the fire you did not




Today to introduce thepump fire truck model, the model reduced by 40 times the size of the simulation


miniature, specifications for the 27 * 12 * 10.5cm, the overall car a total of 10 doors, 2 doors, 2 shutter doors,


6 door Can be opened, which cab interior, diesel, booster pump engine and other internal details are clearly


reflected, automatic water intake system can also be manually stretched, swing, floating boat can be taken,


not fixed in the car.


Combat indicators: automatic water distance of 16 meters, artificial water distance of 16-60 meters; combat


crew of 2-3 people, taking water time 3-5min; vehicle fuel available 6 hours, the fuel can be used continuously


168 hours; water supply outlet pressure 1.0MPa , The water supply end pressure is 0.3MPa. Applicable to large


flow of fire water supply and drainage operations.


Pump fire truck model,Model car manufacturer,diecast model cars