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Car model daily care recommendations (B)

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Today's content is based on the "car model daily care


recommendations (a)" continued to write, so if you have


not seen "one" friends, may see a little nonsensical, so


look at this article when the first look at the first article.


, if you find the model of the paint appears printed


(fingerprints, moisture) do not use facial tissue wipe,


that is a fatal damage to the paint, you can buy suede in


the mall, too big can be divided into 10X10 cm small


pieces , Imprints are more stubborn when appropriate


dipped in some medical alcohol wipe, do not use


drinking wine, because drinking wine and water in a lot


of soluble impurities in the dry will leave a new mark,


more harm than good!


,if you find the car model "glass" appeared on the scratches, do not be nervous, very good to get, professional


model stores have a called "grinding paste" material, like toothpaste,car model "glass" scratches Usually relatively


shallow, buy a tube of the largest number (grinding the number of grinding the greater the number of grinding


particles, the more fine), with a small amount of medical cotton dipped in grinding parts in the scratched part of


the grinding grinding (not too hard, Wax), scratches after the disappearance of alcohol scrub clean.


No matter where you are in the corner of the city, our life has started and the car has become more and more


tight. When the people who did not hold the steering wheel were eager to own a car, when the driver of Pusan's


envy of the Ferrari, the advent of the car model gave people a chance to come in and out of the dream car, and


driving the real car, the car model People more, is a kind of visual sense of speed and satisfaction, do not have


some fun.


The above two combined with yesterday's three, a total of five nursing summary, I hope to help you, but also


hope that you like, and a lot of attention TT diecast model car , thank you read!


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Model car manufacturer,Alloy car model,diecast model cars