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The difference between model car and toy car

Writer:TT06Source:TT Car Model Number of visits: Date:2017-12-18 11:32:46

We also described the difference between modle car and toy car in the previous article, but the difference is not just one or two. We are more detail today about the difference between model car and toy car.

1.Price, the price ofmodel car is much more expensive than toy car. Make a model car, from the early stage design to the mold make process, the manufacture requirement of the mould are less than 0.03mm, and the mould of toy make tolerances is about 0.1mm. Ordinary toy mould costs about 20,000 RMB,model car make is all linked with one another, very high requirements in production technology.

2.Process requirements,model cars are usually make of high-grade metal materials and plastic, high requirement for machining process, the requirement for spray paint almost reach the level of the real car

3.Detail processing, if you can seemodel car is different from toy car, it means you have a lot of experience. They ' re easy to confuse you, it looks the same, the toy car is very rough on the details, we can judge from these aspects: part assembly junction, it smaller the better, are print or paint misplace? Color blur etc.

Know model car and toy car is the premise of collect themodel cars, because only themodel car have the value of collect, and toy cars generally haven’t collection value. A "car" only have above features to can call it a "model car", otherwise it's just a "toy car."

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