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What is a collection model?

Writer:TT06Source:TT Car Model Number of visits: Date:2018-07-05 11:51:32

The 1:18 ratio is the most popular car model and it is also the best choice for collection.

A high imitation SUV model can have up to a thousand parts, or more a hundred.

Remove both sides, front and rear doors, top skylights, bottom chassis, and the rest is the body.

The emphasis of the body is on the curve, especially the body curve of the simulated car model, which should not have a deviation of 1mm. Slightly worse 1mm shapes change, the shape of the body will change, so that the simulation model loses the word of simulation.

Open the door and you can see the dashboard clearly and multi-function steering wheel and airbag seat, even the door handle, the remote control of the window and the storage space below provided by the real car in the door are perfectly displayed on this model

In terms of making materials, the whole model uses alloy materials, which not only looks like metal texture but also feels very heavy when you hold it in your hand.

If a car model can let a person love at first glance, the coating is the most intuitive feelings, if the coating color is not straight, details are very rough, will lose the appreciation and collection value models.

This is a great model, to give it away to your customers, they'll love it.