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Model Car Lamp

Writer:TT06Source:TT Car Model Number of visits: Date:2018-07-12 16:51:56

The lights on the model car are like human eyes.

Upscale model, the car lamp bright has the spirit, can reflect the charm of the model car, Independent car lights, complex workmanship, and it is very silmilar with that of real car.

There are lamp core, lamp holder, the lamp cover and so on, through the processing of each small part, the final assembly molding, suitable for the high simulation model.

There is also the all-in-one car light that maker makes the contours of the lamp on the car body, through the subsequent oil spouting or printing,also painting color on its surface, so that the simple lamp is done.

So high simulation and low simualtion differs from the reflected details. Lots of differences can be shown between two kinds of lamp, other parts are no exception.You can compare high simulation model with toy model then you can see the gap of their quality.