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Manufacture of Zinc Alloy Used in Car Model

Writer:TT06Source:TT Car Model Number of visits: Date:2018-07-26 17:31:13

In the process of  design for each model , the car model manufacturer have to consider which part of car model need to use zinc alloy, which part need to use ABS or other materials, etc.

Zinc alloy is the common material used in car models,which is also the best choice for model because of its good quality.But how about other metal metail? Would you like to know why it isn't other alloy but zinc alloy?

Here comes the answer:

1.      The low melting point of zinc alloy, which is melted at 385 ℃ that it's easy to die casting molding.

2.      Its good characteristic for casting can help it  form different and complex shape.With zinc alloy,the model car has  smooth and light surface with exquisite and detail compoments  .

3.      Zinc alloy material is more lustrous than other metals.

4.      Surface treatment such as plating, spraying, and painting can be applied in it.

5.      Stable chemical and mechanical properties and abrasive resistance keep the model intact with long time.

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