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What is the lifetime of the car model?

Writer:TT06Source:TT Car Model Number of visits: Date:2018-08-10 16:49:57

Tongtong model manufacturer have shared you with the material and craftsmanship of the car model before.

And today let's talk about how long the lifetime of a car model is, which is also closely related to the making of a car model.


1.Comparison between alloy and resin models 

To a great extent, it's depended by the original material characteristics that models made of zinc alloy can be preserved much longer than resin models.


2.Comparison between ordinary paint and high-temperature baking paint 

The different surface treatment craft plays an important role. Baking varnish with high temperature can not only make the surface of model more glossy, but also keep its lifetime longer than that using normal oil paint.


3.Maintenance of car models

The collector's maintenance is also very important. A good car model needs its owner's careful maintenance so that it can keep original and vivid everyday.


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