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The Introduction of Volvo XC60 & XC90 Car Model

Writer:TT06Source:TT Car Model Number of visits: Date:2018-09-07 13:38:34
According to the data in the official website  of  Volvo, up to August 2018, the sales volume has increased by 14.5% around the world, which increased most obviously in America and China. And at the top, they  are XC60 and XC90, which will be introduced in the following.
As we see in the market, there are lots of 1:18 scale XC60 and XC90 car models, so what they are popular and what are their advantages?
1. The car body is mainly made of zinc alloy with a vivid and glossy painting color, which can attract people deeply at first glance of it.
2. The doors can be opened that you can see the inside detail clearly, even the little components. The front bonnet and boot are also able to be opened that the fuel tank is visible.
3. The steering wheel can control the turning of the wheels, of which design would not make in normal models.
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