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Strange Cars to Unique Car Models

Writer:TTSource:Tong Tong Car Model Number of visits: Date:2018-11-15 13:36:08


Hi everyone, good day!

Few days ago, a customer sent an inquiry for customizing 1:18 scale model car, (clisk to see our 1:18 model car),

but when we saw the pictures he sent, we found that the car looks abnormal ,even can be regarded as

strange,but it truly exists. Therefore, today I want to introduce some cars with weird shape.


1.Turtle car.

This car is decorated as a turtle, but I think it's the only turtle can run with such speed.


car like turtle


2. Dragon car

It looks scared but also fantastic.


dragon car model



3. Phone car

Somebody must love telephone very much that he decorated the car as a phone.

Do you want to know who he is?

Maybe you can find him by calling the phone number in the car


phone model car


4.Car with a hand holding a pen

The owner of this car may be good at writing and studying, haha.


car with a hand


5. Sculpture car

This car is full of sense of art, maybe you will like it if you like sculpture,

although I think the face is a little scared.


car with sculpture


Actually there're lots of strange car in the world because of unlimited imagination, I just choose some from

them. I think it's interesting to scale down them. Then there will be lots of strange models as well, haha.

Out of curiosity, people always pay more attention in those abnormal things, so the "strange" but unique model can attract

people a lot. If you're model seller or car manufacturer, are you interested in this idea, to start customizing model car?


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