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The Prototype of Model Car

Writer:TTSource:Tong Tong Car Model Number of visits: Date:2018-12-05 16:18:43


In the previous passage, we have talked about the 3D design, and the following is prototype making,

which also plays vital part in the process of model manufacturing.

With 3D design, we can see the future model car through drawings, but with prototype,

it's more directly for us to check clearly.

So today, I want to introduce something about the prototype making briefly.


The methods of prototype are mainly four kinds:

1. CNC (Computer Numerical Control).

2.Laser scanning

3.3D printing (Laser rapid molding)

4.Vacuum Casting(small scale trial production).

Here's the image of prototype, as below:


prototype of truck model


That's all of today's introduction, Tongtongrenhe manufacturer will talk more about the

prototype in the future essays.