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Introduction of Tongtongrenhe Model Car Manufacturer

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Shenzhen Tongtongrenhe Precise Model Manufacturer Co.Ltd.

has specialized in producing static simulation model for 16 years.

Our slogan is :Integrity makes the quality, creation wins the future.

Welcome to the display room , where shows the successful cases we made before.

There're various kinds of car model,

engineering model, and fire truck model.


1/18 Beetle car


A group of salesmen, energetic, enthusiastic, professional,

can provide one-to-one service for customers.

We have our own specialized 3D designers,

designing the 3D drawing for your models.

There're also experienced mold engineers

taking charge of designing and making mold

to present your design philosophy and ideas perfectly by molding.



3d design drawing


Arranging the semi-finished products together to make production more efficient,

the workers are all familiar with the operation after qualification training.

This is the corner of spraying and printing, where models putting on their beautiful clothes.

At present, our company has established cooperative relationships with car brands home and abroad,

including Beijing Automotive Group,SANY,JMC,FORD,BORGWAED,CHERY and so on.



welcome to inquiry: email: helen@ttmodelcar.com