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HEC-- The biggest model car trade show with lead cultural experience

Writer:TTSource:Tong Tong Car Model Number of visits: Date:2019-01-18 16:20:51

HEC (Hobby Expo China), one of the most influential Expo of the largest scale for scale model


in the Asia-Pacific region , shows the newest design philosophy, technological application and


development trend, which is a good platform for sharing the charming of models.



Scale models from spacecraft, vessel, vehicle to robot, animation figure, electric or static, are all


displayed separately in different exhibition room. Besides, there're some books and magazines,


pictures and equipment introducing the production, material, and relative knowledge.


Darly fire truck model



For big fans of static scale model, the collectible model and miniature scene catch lots of attention.


And there is a real Porsche 911 placed in the exhibition room, bringing a big surprise to the visitor.



The 19th Expo is held in 2018, will you be expected to attend the next Expo on Apr. 2019?



HEC 2019