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Small details make car model perfect

Writer:TTSource:Tong Tong Car Model Number of visits: Date:2019-03-06 14:58:42


What makes the car model elaborate ? That should be the small but important components

 in the scale car. Small shining points make the whole vehicle model brilliant.


1. Gap

When separate components are combined together, two parts always leave space.The gap is

depend on the quality of the mold. Usually when the mold is used frequently ,the deformation

of mold makes it larger. Therefore, the accuracy requirement of die cast mold for high-end

model is high. Then you will see little gap in the finished models.


1/18 Borgward in red version


2. Window and lamp

These parts are related to the quality of glass plastic and processing level. For the model

car with middle and high grade, it is very strict in the material of glass that through the

transparent windows, their interior details can be seen clearly.; As for the lamp , its interior

has to be chrome plated that can strengthen the transparency and glossiness, what's more,

there's little gap between lamp and car body.


3. Interior

It's easy to figure out the difference between the soft leather seat and the hard plastic

seat. The common configurations for high-end scale model are safe belt with unique

design, carpet made of lint, even small but clear logo of car brand under the doors, from

which you can enjoy the fun of finding.

1/18 die cast model car

Today, Tongtongrenhe just list three points of details which make die cast model car exquisite.

In the next passage, another three ponits will be introduced accordingly, you can click here to

see more or contact us directly via email.Thanks for your reading!