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Another 3 points of details make model car more valuable

Writer:TTSource:Tong Tong Car Model Number of visits: Date:2019-03-11 11:27:45

In the last week, Tongtongrenhe had introduced 3 points of details in scale model that make model more

valuable, and today, will talk more about the rest 3 points.You can click here to review the last passage.


4. Chassis

Do not ignore the chassis, although some of high-end chassis are also made of plastic, there are still

details of the exhaust pipe, transmission rod, with accurate lines and clear printing that there won't be

defects in the corner; You can also see suspension spring of four wheels from the direction of the chassis;

Some high-end models even use alloy parts to make the chassis, carved the brand logo or the signature in

commemorative version.

1/24 scale model car

5. Tires and wheel core

These parts are sometimes ignored by model lovers. Among high-grade products, their tires and

wheel hub are excelsior in design and process, including disc brake, wheel hub trademark, tire fine

lines and other small details are presented in the scale model. Some even use material of real tire to

make model tires, which can also be removed and replaced.

6. The accessory

Surprisingly, some car model have additional accessories. Car model is usually equipped with a

plastic part to open doors. But accessories differ from different type of car . For example, some

with a backup tire, some with the small figures inside driver's cab, and some police cars with firearms

and handcuffs in small size...All these details give you a surprise while appreciation, let you admire

the quality of high-grade model from the bottom of your heart.

alloy model car

Ok, then we have finished this topic.Actually there're more points that make models more valuable,

maybe you can find during the appreciation by yourself.And you can also send inquiry for questions

about simulation scale model .


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